Friendship Exchange rotaryclubgbagada March 5, 2020

Friendship Exchange

A 4-man team of Rotarians led by Rotarian John Miles and Spouse were on a 7-day visit to Nigeria from Monday, March 2 to Sunday, March 9, 2019. They visited our club on Wednesday, March 4 during our second phase of our club-in- club guest night and shared fellowship with us. During the visit, we gave highlights of our project activities, top of which was the Medical cabin project (Global Grant) which they found interesting and looking forward and partner of grant project.

There was bannerette exchange between our club and the visiting Rotarians in addition to exchange of gifts.

They were in Nigeria to inspect the Global Grant funded eye Hospital by the Rotary Club of Lagos Palmgrove Estate and also to explore the possibility for more partnership with RC Gbagada. They all expressed satisfaction with the hospitality and promised to do same to members of our District out-bound team in whenever the need arises.